Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Few More Quilts

In looking back at some of the quilts I’ve completed I want to note a few special ones.
Two years ago I was asked to participate in a Women’s History Exhibit sponsored by a political group from the Northeast Bronx. The exhibit was to have the look of a dinner party and you were to set the table to honor a particular woman.
I wanted to honor my mother, so I had to think about her achievements, favorite colors and flowers. I decided that I would make a quilted tablecloth incorporating her favorite color, green and flowers one of them being hydrangeas. I also displayed photos of E.J. as a young woman and candid pictures of her and family. I also included a small quilt I entitled “Look Ma, I Can Read.”
Also included on the table was a collection to travel borchures and a fancy perfume bottle.

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