Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Epislon Tau's Ruby Anniversary

In 2005 my initiating chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. celebrated its fortieth anniversary. Epsilon Tau or ET as we affectionately call the chapter is located in New York City. I pledged in 1983 along with my Sands, Roz and Frances.
I was on the Reunion Committee and we had a great time planning for our weekend bash. We were looking forward to Sorors traveled from around the county to share in the fun of being with their sisters. We planned for an evening at Apple Bees, a slumber party, a picnic and a dinner cruise.
One of the other events that we planned for was a raffle. From the outset I knew that I wanted to create a quilt that would honor the women who had crossed the burning sands via Epsilon Tau. When we discussed the idea of the quilt it was decided that it would be the second prize. It was only later that I realized that the group didn’t know how extensive the quilt was going to be.
The quilt that I planned was a signature quilt. I didn’t want to send out signature blocks because I didn’t want to risk not getting the blocks back. Talking about being upset, I needed control. Anyway, I saw a pattern that I liked and off to the rotary cutter.
The center of the quilt would have picture of the Sorority’s twenty-two founders. Around the picture would be a border of violets, the flowers sorors give on another. The signature blocks would be arranged with the charter members closest to the founders; they would have the word charter written in the corner. The date was also included. From this point on the sorors were listed by line and date. I also indicated if the soror had been a president of the chapter and if they were deceased.
I love my colors, but after dealing with that quilt I didn’t want to handle anything red and white for awhile.
When the sorors saw the quilt for the first time they were speechless. I got a thrill watching them look for their name. It was fun, but the best thing was when many of the sorors stated that the quilt should have been first prize.

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