Monday, June 25, 2007


As I posted some time ago I enjoy the idea of working with other artist in order to explore our artistic boundaries. Well, this time we have decided to work on borders. The main artist will present a center to their quilt and the rest of the team will develop a border to enhance that center. We are also including a journal as well.
The title of my quilt is “Riptide in a Koi Pool”. I original had plan to use this fabric for a colleague and then changed my mind, I wound up keeping it. My problem started when the blocks I created didn’t match up with the required number. So, this meant ripping out seams. I did this so often I referred to the quilt as a riptide, hence the name.
The center was inspired by quilts from 9-Patch Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros. I'm very excited to see what the other members of the group come with as a border for the quilt. And with that in mind, I better get started on the center that I have.