Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Entering the World Quilting

In 1998 a college friend of mine reintroduced me to quilting. Up to that point I had been making quilted pillows. I guess you could say I was a bit intimidated by the idea of doing a full size quilt.
During my time of living in Cheyenne, Wyoming I became interested in quilting. I started collecting magazines and thinking how great it would be if I could do this. At that time I didn’t follow up on my ideas, it just stayed a dream of something to do. A couple of years later this all changed. My husband received his orders and we were off to Grand Forks, ND.
While pregnant I decided that I would make the baby a quilt. Out came those quilt books and I made a simple nine patch quilt of yellow and spring green. That was the last quilt I made for many years.
Clarice took to a quilt show given by the Brooklyn Quilting Guild, I was fascinated and hooked. I fell in love with a Tumbling Block quilt and vowed that I would make one; pretty ambitious for a person who was nervous about tackling a full size quilt. As it turned out the first quilt I made was for my sister’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I wanted the quilt to reflect my sister’s love of African art. The major portion of the top was pieced by hand. I backed the quilt with a blue African inspired print that reflected the color of her wedding dress that had been made in Kenya.
My next quilt was a tumbling block that I made for my eldest son. Since Adam was into music, I let the quilt reflect that theme. This quilt too was pieced by hand. I have no idea why I didn’t hop right on to working on the machine; I guess some purist quark was running around in my brain at the time.
These quilts were the start of my quilting life. I will post photos of these quilts later on.

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