Friday, August 8, 2008

Dreaming of Genie

Sometime ago while widow shopping at Doll Makers Journey, I ran across a cute pattern of a genie in a bottle. The doll reminded me of the TV show I Dream of Jeannie with Barbara Eden and Larry Hageman.
I must admit that I am a visual learner and there are many times when I don’t fully read the directions, but are drawn to the picture or illustration instead. So the pattern arrives and I dive in only to go, ugh! I guess at the time my brain didn’t want to comprehend the directions. Well, I buried the pattern and moved on with life.
Along comes the announcement about a doll workshop (Day with Dolls) and I decided that I wanted to do the bottle doll. To be honest the directions were pretty clear cut and easy to follow. As I was putting the doll together I found myself adding little things to improve the overall out come of the doll and was very pleased with the results. I knew that I wanted to use fleece for the hair and also to give the illusion of smoke coming from the bottle as the genie made her appearance. The official title for the doll is Yes, Master.
While working on the doll, I suddenly found myself in the grips on ITP outbreak and wound up in the hospital for a week; more about this in another blog entry. I got discharged the day before the workshop so I didn’t get to put all the finishing touches I had planned for the doll, but I realized I can always make a new one and this doll would do just fine.

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creativedawn said...

GORGEOUS! She is soooo real.... "Genie" was one of my favorite shows and I am sure I have seen them all and more than