Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Dumplin'

I really didn’t have an interest in doing a primitive doll, but there was something about this doll and a few others from The Cat and the Fiddle, http://www.catandthefiddledesigns.com/, site that just stirred my interest.
I think the doll’s hair style caught my eye first; it looked a bit like a halo. It wasn’t until I purchased the pattern that realized that the halo effect was created by braids standing on end with ribbons on the end. Then there were her feet, good heavens did the girl have feet! I decided to change Dumplin’s hair do. I used felting needles to root her hair. At first I used a nubby yarn; however, I wasn’t pleased with the out come so I changed hair material and used synthetic hair from the beauty supply store. Besides changing her hair, I also changed her dress. For the longest time I had dozens of 1930’s prints fat quarters, so I decided that I would use some of them. I think she looks cute.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi,

I very much like your dolls, you are a great creator!
I will come back to see some more