Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blame it on Venus

Several months ago Venus posted two dolls she made from a pattern by Kate Erbach, Etta Mae. I thought she was too cute! Some time later at club meeting I got to see the dolls in person. I loved them. Later Jean made one and now it was my turn.
I made the purple one to give to my sister to celebrate her Masters. Before I knew it I was shifting through fabric and started making one for my niece, Kenye. Now I have twins! Oh no, my fingers were itching again and I realized that I needed on for me. So now I have triplets.
They were so much fun to make, I can readily see myself creating a few more. In fact I’m working up an idea for a friend’s little nice. I’ll keep you posted step by step on that one. So, see it really is all Venus’ fault. The pattern for the dolls can be found on Doll Makers Journey.


Venus Thomas said...

LOL....that's right, blame it on me. You went EttaMae Crazy!!!! but they are all adorable Sandi.


Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your dolls...they are beautiful!!!! uuummm, I would definitely like one also!!! :-)