Saturday, August 18, 2007


I have just been tagged by Venus to receive the Nice Matters Award. Venus, thank you for the award nomination. Venus is a fellow doll maker whose work I greatly admire, so this means a great deal to me. The award is goes to those who have been positive people, good blog friends and folks that encourage people to do their best. I now have to nominate other people for Nice Matters. They are to copy and paste this award to their blog and then make their nomination for the award. Here are my nominees.
Stephanie Novatski
Kyra Hicks


Gerry said...
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Gerry said...

Sorry, having a DUH moment...

Thank you so much. How sweet. I just adore your work. And it's nice to know that you are a crazy quilt kind of person too!

Villager said...

Congratulations on this award. My sister is Kyra. It is great to see her work being recognized here in cyberspace!

peace, Villager

Kyra said...

Thanks for the award! I appreciate it.

Best, Kyra