Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Entering the World of Little People - Dolls

Doll making came to me by way of having to create a gift for Kwanzaa.
The holiday was rolling around and I needed a gift for my girlfriend’s daughter. Jassy wasn’t a little girl anymore but I wanted her to have something that would remind her of her childhood, so I thought about making her a doll.
While we were stationed at Grand Forks AFB, the NCO Wives decided to made dolls to sell for one of our annual fund raisers. I remember the great fun we had working in assembly line fashion to get the little girls done. The dolls were a hit and we were able to sell them all. I thought that later on I would make on of those dolls for my new niece, never happened; Kenye is now twenty-seven. Dolls just didn’t seem to be my thing back then. Wow, how times have changed.
The doll I made for Jassy was a button doll. I chose that type of doll because it looked different and easy. After completing the doll, I liked the results so much I made one for myself. In spite enjoying the experience of creating the doll I didn’t make another doll for years.
Deb’s birthday was coming up and I was at a loss for what do you give the woman who has everything. Ahhh, a doll. I found a pattern and got to work changing her into an African guardian angel. Much to my delight she loved her. Now, she’s the proud owner of two dolls.
The internet has helped me to find many interpreting patterns. I haven’t reached the point of creating my own patterns, but I’m sure that will happen eventually. Also besides patterns online, I discovered doll clubs and I joined two, and For most of the time I must admit I had been a lurker at both sites. I was busy making quilts and was still feeling my way with the dolls.

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