Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Read the Fine Print

We have all been told that one should always read the fine print on a contract or some type of agreement. Well, I failed to do that and it probably cost me a possible entry into a quilt exhibit.
One of the members of my online quilt guild announced a call for quilters to submit pictures of a quilt they would like to have exhibited at the Rocky Mountain Quilting Museum. Talk about excited I felt that I had just the quilt to show off.
Several years ago I started a quilt created with crazy quilt style blocks. I really can’t remember where I learned the learned the block. I’m willing to bet that it was probably at The City Quilter. Anyway, the quilt fell into the UFO category because I hadn’t added the embellishments that I had planned and it was also missing its label. The fabrics that I used had an Ancient Egyptian motif. This led me to entitle the quilt “Can You Dig It?” The additional fabrics used represent the Nile River and the stars that guided the building of the Great Pyramids at Giza. I also quilted the wall hanging in a quadratic pattern which is the same way an archeological dig might be set up.
I was so excited about submitting the quilt; I neglected to read the find print about the submission qualifications. I mailed all my information as an attachment only to discover that I should have sent it on a CD.
I’ve learned my lesson, read the fine print.


Needle Pulling Thread Designs said...

OHHHHHH What a beautiful and wonderful quilt. I love everything about it!!!! You did good!

Love Nita

Venus Thomas said...

Love the quilt. What a nice selection of fabrics you used. Nice job Sandi!

Spokane Gal said...

Oh I feel for you. I did the same thing with a gourd entry. I neglected to read the fine print carefully enough and entered a piece I had done as a doll figure when in fact it contained several figures.

No matter, I donated it to the Spokane Symphony because one of their performances inspired it and they are delighted to have it.